Gestalt Online Club Redesign UI/UX Case

On this project, we were challenged to rework the whole user experience of visitors, mostly mobile visitors, who seek qualified content on psychological topics and at the same time who could contact experts to solve their demands.

— Gestalt Club objectives

At the beginning of this project, we decided to use the design concept of the facebook of psychologists.

After a few sessions of meetings with the client and approvement of our concept, we began our work process with an agile approach and on the initial design sprint, we generated cards of the site, according to the atomic design-process. Of course, based on basic styles of primitives like buttons, inputs, iconography, typography, and colors.

The next step was to expand the functionality of initial cards by showcasing its desktop view and the addition of commenting blocks and the author’s personal data.

On the next stage of the design process, we paid attention to the details of the commenting system.

And more cards, and more complex details in it

Finally, we created rich elements, molecules, dedicated to the events hosted by psychologists.

In conclusion, we combined all designed elements of the system in a complex and rich representation of data and at the same time intuitive for the user and simple for multiple reuse in a responsive manner.